Pixode Limited is an Irish company building online applications and games on different platforms such as Facebook or Windows Phone 7.

Facebook Apps:


Chat for pages

Facebook app
Chat for pages allows owners of Facebook pages to add a free chat board to their pages. 
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Forum for pages

Facebook app
Forums for pages allows owners of Facebook pages to add a discussion board to their pages. It's now available in 21 languages and we offer a variety of features such as re-post messages to wall, ban users, restrict posting, etc. We offer a free version with ads, but also a paid premium version with no ad and more features.
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My City

Facebook game
Create your city and make it grow, day by day. Start with a small farmer town, and end up with an international business center, a huge industrial city, or maybe the largest technopolis in Facebook, depending on the choices you will make.
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Maze Defense

Facebook game
Build and upgrade turrets on your land, day by day, to stop monsters from invading your castle. Challenge other players by sending them waves of monsters to climb up the ranking ladder. Build the most fortified castle and become the King of Facebook.
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Triple Triad

Facebook game 
Triple Triad is a card game originally invented in Final Fantasy VIII. It is played on a three-by-three square grid of blank spaces, where cards will be placed as the game progresses. You will play against Facebook players at your level and try to take their cards.
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My Restaurant

Facebook game
Create and manage a restaurant, café, night club or cocktail bar. Collect recipes, ingredients and cooks, and build your own menu. Attract customers every day, and depending on your strategy, become maybe the cutest Italian restaurant, the biggest fast food chain, or the most famous chicken wings bar in Facebook.


Facebook game
Strategic game: isolate the particles in individual cell and go to the next level.


Facebook app
The most hilariously dark and sinister farm themed gifts you will ever find. This is FarmVillain!

Services and Mobile Apps:

Trading Service
The most advanced Bitcoin Prediction Market. Trade predictions about Sport, Economy, Movies, Politics etc. 
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Windows 8 app
YouTube DJ lets you play videos from your YouTube playlists and favorites. It can play music while the application is in the background, and can be controlled from the media keys on your keyboard. YouTube DJ will also block the ads from YouTube for the best experience!
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Windows Phone 7 game
Warp is a high speed racing game with amazing 3D graphics where you control a spaceship that can move around a tube at 360 degrees. Control the spaceship by tilting your phone left or right. Avoid obstacles inside the tube, catch different sort of bonuses, and advance from level to level. The full version will unlock the following features:
- An infinite number of levels (the trial version is limited to the first 4 levels).
- New bonuses
- New types of obstacles
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Windows Phone 7  game 
AstroFrog is a fun and addictive platform game where you must help a frog jump as high in the sky as you can. Control the frog by tilting your phone to the left or to the right. Catch several bonuses, including low gravity, safety nets, and ghost platforms, and avoid the flies. Compete with your friends through the online global leaderboard. The trial version allows you to play up to 2000 point. The full version has no limit!